School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

Minnesota’s eighth annual School Bus Driver Appreciation Day will be held Wednesday, February 21, 2024.

Ways to celebrate and show appreciation include:

Contact your school district’s communications office and ask that they take photos or share about School Bus Driver Appreciation Day on the district’s communications and social media channels.

Provide food and beverages for bus drivers. Donuts, muffins or pancakes are always a hit!

Take a photos on School Bus Driver Appreciation Day and share them with us to be used on social media and in future publications.

Encourage local students to create thank you cards, large signs, artwork or other displays for their bus drivers.

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Share your stories!

Share your bus driver stories with us; how has a school bus driver you know gone above and beyond in their role over the past year? Impacted the life of a student? Shown their dedication to this profession?

Our school bus drivers deserve public appreciation and recognition now more than ever as they face another challenging year of staff shortages. We want to demonstrate strong support from educators and drivers across different Minnesota communities. Thank you for participating in this important event to bring much-deserved recognition to our school bus drivers. We can’t do it without you!