Minnesota School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

Driven to serve: One stop at a time

Minnesota’s fourth annual School Bus Driver Appreciation Day is on Wednesday, February 26, 2020! We encourage Minnesotans to organize appreciation activities for school bus drivers across the state to celebrate this important profession. The theme for this year’s event will promote the benefits of being a driver and raise awareness about the shortage facing districts across the state.

On February 26 at 10 a.m., we will host a press conference in the Twin Cities, which will include remarks from a school district official, state lawmaker, representative from the State Patrol and others. An exceptional school bus driver will also be recognized at this event.

02.26.20 School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

Approved Proclamation

We are excited to share that that our proclamation request has been approved! Get ready to celebrate our school bus drivers that transport more than 760,000 of our students to and from school each day.

Ways to Celebrate School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

  • Recruiting schools and parent groups to provide food and beverages to drivers that morning
  • Giving small gifts to your drivers such as thermoses or commemorative hats
  • Encouraging local students to create thank you cards or art for their drivers
  • Asking your school district’s superintendent’s office or communications office to officially recognize “School Bus Driver Appreciation Day” in your school district or at a School Board meeting
  • Inviting your local newspapers and radio stations to do a story about an exceptional or charismatic driver in your community